Easy as One, two, three Or simple as Do, Re, Mi!

It’s that time of year again! The time when the kid’s vacation ends, and the parent’s vacation begins! Alongside with new backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies, don’t forget about your back to school haircuts! Start the new school year with a new do!

Last year’s back to school hair cuts with the Hulk and Princess Elsa were so much fun at Eyes On You! The parents were able to enjoy all of their EOY services while the kids played with the Hulk and Princess Elsa after their hair cuts!

Are you not sure which direction to go with the kids back to school hair cuts this school year? Here’s a website for some trendy haircuts for kids! http://www.brit.co/stylish-haircuts-for-kids/

Check it out and let Eyes On You bring your new cut to life!

Back to school 1




Back to school 2