Ever wanted to create your own Family Biography? Heritage Media Group can help!

Eyes On You Salon and Spa is proud to introduce one of their newest preferred vendors!

Heritage Media Group produces custom high quality family video biographies. These videos include interviews with elder family members that keep the history and stories of families alive for grandchildren and future generations. We include family photographs, home videos and films, music, and even archival materials to create a full-length documentary of one’s family. This becomes a lasting heirloom that can be easily shared with family members around the country and the world.

Walter Schlomann is an accomplished award-winning director, producer and editor of independent films, music videos, documentaries, and promotional videos. His programs have aired on Network Television, PBS, History Channel, TV Land, Biography Channel, and Comedy Central, and he has collaborated with rock stars such as Michael Stipe of REM and Cyndi Lauper. He has filmed helicopter action scenes in the Australian Outback, directed Scotty of Star Trek fame on a wild aerial ride through New York, filmed in the jungles of Brazil and even worked with mermaids, crocodiles, and kangaroos. He has interviewed people from all walks of life including artists, CEOs, veterans, holocaust survivors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs.

In 2007, Walter was approached to make a biographical video of an acquaintance’s father. The success of that project and the several that followed has led to the creation of Heritage Media Group, with offices in New York and Tampa. Walter incorporates the know-how of a bona fide filmmaker with the meticulous care of a family biographer to deliver a priceless gem for future generations.

Contact Heritage Media Group for more information or to view some of their work visit  www.weconnectgenerations.com

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