Do you Halo Couture?

Picture this… adding length and fullness to your every day do without sitting in a chair for 6 hours, no keratin bonds or tape-ins and not taking time out of your morning to clip in hair extensions. Sound like a fantasy? Well, what would we be if we didn’t make your fantasies come true? We would love to introduce to you our new line of Hair Extensions; Halo Couture!

What’s special about these extensions is that they are commitment free! There are no bonds, clips, or beads to keep them in your hair! The best part is you can put them in yourself and take them out yourself! All you do is place the Miracle Wire an inch to three inches behind the hairline, pull the weft of hair down past the occipital bone or where the head naturally curves in, from there use a comb to pull your natural hair up and over the Miracle Wire to hide the evidence! It’s that simple!

Halo Couture Extensions are made completely out of Remy Hair, which is the finest quality human hair available on the market today. Remy Hair refers to human hair that still retains the cuticle layer, the outermost part of the hair strand, flowing in the same direction, flowing the way hair does naturally. The delicate process which maintains the cuticle in hair wefts is the key advantage of Remy hair, keeping it soft, silky, smooth, shiny, long-lasting and tangle-free! Simply put, Remy Hair is gorgeous hair! Halo Couture has selected the very best among the Remy hair choices….basically, the Rolls Royce of hair.

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