Let spotty eyebrows be a thing of the past! We’re sure you’ve heard of Henna tattoo’s before… they’re one of our specialty services we offer here in the salon! However, we now offer Henna Eyebrow Tinting! Basically, it’s the same idea! We use a special dye made of all natural herbs that will stain your skin, and reform a new shape to your eyebrows!

No need to fret about committing to new eyebrows either! The Henna stain will only last about 7-12 days after application depending on how often they are wet and washed!

Here’s our process! One of our stylists will consult with you about the look you’re wanting to achieve to make sure you leave happy and more confident about your brows! Then we will apply the dye in the desired shape that you asked for! This will only sit for a couple of minutes, and we will start removing the Henna in 3 different phases with about 2 minutes in between each step:

  1. The inner quarter of your eyebrow, this is usually the lightest part of your natural eyebrows, so we want to keep that area looking lighter than the rest.

  2. From where we left off, the your arch.

  3. Finally removing the dye from your tail of your eyebrow.

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