Henna Tattoos

Gorgeous Henna Tattoos Offered at Eyes on You in Tampa, FL

Henna tattoos are quickly becoming one of the most in-demand beauty trends, and we are proud to create beautiful henna at Eyes on You Salon and Spa in Tampa, Florida. Our licensed cosmetologists are experienced in the art of henna and can create virtually any design you like. Whether you want a traditional henna design (also known as Mehndi) on your hands and feet, or would like to test out an idea for a new tattoo, our skilled artists can create an alluring piece of body art that is sure to leave you looking and feeling your best with all eyes on you.

Henna tattoos are said to have originated in Ancient Egypt, and were used as a way for Cleopatra to adorn her body. Today, henna, or Mehndi, is typically applied to the hands and feet, and is used for celebrations and rites of passage. Although it is used in many cultures and regions of the world, it is especially prevalent in Indian and Hindu weddings, where it is applied on the bride to symbolize joy and spiritual awakening.

If you are in the Tampa, FL, area, the best place to get henna tattoos is Eyes on You because:

We only use natural-colored henna that is made of herbs and is not harmful to the skin

  • Our cosmetologists are specially trained and certified to do henna tattoos
  • We can recreate virtually any design you have in mind and incorporate various shading techniques for a truly unique look

Plus, we can provide our henna tattoos onsite*, if you prefer. So, whether you would like henna for a kids’ party, adult party, or bridal party, we can bring our services to you.

Contact Eyes on You Salon and Spa for more information about our henna tattoos, and the various other services we provide for those in Tampa, FL. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule you for a tour of our salon.


*Travel fees vary based on location and travel expenses.