Hair Extensions Tampa FLA Variety of Hair Extensions Options Available at Eyes on You in Tampa, FL

There are so many types of hair extensions available today, and at Eyes on You Salon and Spa in Tampa, Florida, we like to offer as many of these options as we can to our guests. In order to look and feel your best with all eyes on you, it’s important to choose the extensions that meet your needs, and our experienced team is here to help you find your ideal solution.

Our talented cosmetologists are trained and certified in the industry’s most sought-after brands, including:

  • Hairdreams®
  • Great Lengths®
  • Cinderella Hair®
  • hairtalk®
  • DreamCatchers

When you visit our hair extensions salon in Tampa for a consultation, we’ll explain these different options, as well as different application methods that are used, such as laser, keratin-bond, I-tip, HALOCOUTURE, and clip-in, among others. With a variety of lengths and textures available, more than 100 standard colors to choose from, and the ability to custom match any color and highlighting technique, our team can help you create the perfect look.

Most importantly, Eyes on Your hair extensions are high-quality, 100-percent natural remy human hair, which means you can treat it just like the rest of your own, natural hair. It also means you can expect them to last for four to six months without shedding, frizzing, matting, or changing color.

To learn more about the spectrum of hair extensions available at Eyes on You in Tampa, FL, please call us today.