09HairStyleGalleryKaryna454x555As a hair stylist, our job is to give our guest their hair goal and make sure they leave the salon happy. Here at Eyes on You we strive to make all your hair dreams come true the right way…the healthy way. We all know that beautiful smoky gray color that everyone is obsessed with this year. Most of the ladies that sit in our chair are wanting to leave looking like the picture that they brought in for inspiration…but unfortunately that is not always the case. The ideal hair color we want in order to achieve that gray look is platinum blonde. This helps to make the gray more visible and last longer. For the ladies with dark to medium brown hair this becomes more difficult. Everyone’s hair is different and we don’t always know what to expect when it comes to lifting your hair to blonde. The last thing we want do is give our guests unrealistic expectations. Achieving the look you want is important to us but so is the integrity of your hair. So it’s best to be prepared to hear that this may not happen in one day. Sometimes coming in for more than one sitting is needed and can be a bit of a commitment. This tends to be discouraging and makes it seem impossible. That is not the case. But having a valid understanding of the journey to going gray is very important. And we will be right along side of you on the journey to make your hair dreams a reality!

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