Do you dream of HairDreams?

Coming on August 23rd, Eyes on You Salon and Spa will officially be a new home to The Hairdreams Laser Hair Extensions! To say we are thrilled about this announcement would be an understatement! For our guests who have received our hair extension services before; you will be ecstatic to hear that your 4-5 hour sit time, has been reduced to 1 hour! (Time may vary based on amount of extensions installed) This new technology allows about 5 Nano Bonds to be attached to your hair all at one time!

What are Nano Bonds? Thanks to modern precision techniques the Nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremely flat. They are practically undetectable and allow for the hair to naturally lay extremely flat and softly against the scalp. Hairdreams hair is integrated seamlessly into one’s own hair, making visible transitions a thing of the past.

Comfort Points Bondings: In addition to the Standard Bondings, Hairdreams also offers the innovative Comfort Points bondings. They possess a special ergonomic shape, which provides perfect wearing comfort and an amazingly soft and natural look.

Comfort Point Bondings can be used with the Laserbeamer XP-System as well as with manual application-System.

We hope that we’ve grasped your curiosity with these awesome new Hair Extensions the way they have grasped ours! After August 23rd, please feel free to give us a call, and book a Complimentary Consultation! (813) 434-0234

For more information, visit their official website here!